The very lovely people at Finisterre...

...have just supplied me with a bunch of merino base layers. Not to test in a cold climate but, the exact opposite, in the heat of Sri Lanka and/or Indonesia.

I first bought myself some merino base layers about ten years ago (for an upcoming snowboard trip) after years of putting up with cheap, scratchy thermal layers. I took one pair of merino long-johns whilst my friends packed as many pairs of their cheap long-johns as they had. I wore mine for fourteen days straight. They got wet through many wipe-outs but would dry so quickly. On that last day there was still no sign of itching or odour. They were a revelation to me.

The joy with merino is that in the cold they keep you warm and in hot conditions they cool you [no wonder the New Zealand sheep always look so happy] so time for me to test the hot side of things.

I have a few commissions to wrap up and then I will be off. As always, I want to travel light as I will be lugging a plate camera with me and two or three surfboards. Therefore the thought of being able to pack just three merino tees and three pairs of merino pants and just wash them out (merino also dries quicker than anything I know (even in snow and ice)) is a lovely thought.

Thank you Finisterre.