The snowboard gurus

Even though it's only a day away from October, the mornings are starting to get frosty and the nights are drawing in. This means two things [well it means many things but these are two things very close to my heart]. Firstly, it means that the thin, flexible, summer wetsuits get exchanged for the winter suit at the back of the wardrobe and, secondly, it means that snow will imminently start to fall in the mountains. However much surfing means to me there is something about snowboarding that just makes it for me. Maybe it's because I've never been as good a surfer [even though I've been surfing longer] or maybe it's just the beauty of the mountain. Whichever it is, it means I will be lugging my plate camera up a steep mountain soon to shoot the next set of mountains for my next book - Elevation. Until then, here is a series of portraits I shot. They are of the guys who work in a snowboard shop. The guys you go to to get the best advice on what to use and where to head this winter. The guys to share the stoke with and share stories of riding around a mountain on, what is essentially, a piece of wood -