Seasick Steve

Late last year I was very fortunate to both meet and photograph the American blues musician Steven Gene Wold [aka Seasick Steve.] By his own admission he hates his photograph being taken but was intrigued that I was going to shoot his portrait with a traditional plate camera rather than a modern dSLR so he agreed to be my model for a few seconds. I'd already set up the impromptu outdoor studio so he wouldn't have to hang around. So after a very quick focus I shot two plates and let him go on his way.

Until now I've sat on the film though as I've not quite known how I wanted to treat it. Wold's music is a very raw blues. It's totally stripped down to him, one of his guitars [which appear to only have one or three strings] and his slide [sometimes a screwdriver]. He has an insanely powerful and hypnotic style which couldn't be further from how he comes across in real life - very quiet and calm. So I decided I wanted colour and something almost trance like but very calming at the same time. I hope he thinks it's suitably apt.