Caribbean Palm Trees

Three weeks ago I returned from a crazy sixteen day shoot for BBH London and one of the worlds biggest 'travel' companies. Shooting both stills ads and directing eight short films I didn't have much spare time. I did shoot a few personal pieces though along the way.

Firstly was some quad bikers in the Dominican Republic -

Then there was my hotel room in St. Lucia -

Some Barbados palm trees -

Then, finally, a couple of a coconut collector shot in St. Lucia whilst at a zip-lining park -



Sri Lankan portrait

Whilst heading through the mountains between Kandy and Ella I stopped to stretch my legs and saw this amazingly smiley and happy man. I asked if I could take his portrait and then quickly set-up my background for him to stand in front of. He was an amazing character and I was pretty pleased with what I captured -

Tour groups

In 2006 I travelled to Beijing to shoot the contents of my first book, 'Made In China'. Whilst I was there I got to see, for the first time in my life, big groups of tourists being lead around from location to location. Although really interesting to see I felt it was too Martin Parr territory so I didn't shoot anything. In Sri Lanka though there was this fantastically happy group of Chinese tourists that were photographing each other. The group must have been about fifty or so and so it was taking a while to work through the group at each chosen location. I quickly snapped a few digi shots and left them to it.