Neil - Finisterre Ambassador

Neil is one of the smoothest most natural surfers you will come across. More than likely, he could surf a bin lid or a tea tray with more style than most people ride a surfboard. He is an artist who produces beautiful pieces of ocean-related work. He is also someone who believes in local communities; getting to know people and involving himself in local events. Because of this he is the perfect fit for the clothing company Finisterre. A company that is building a reputation for building beautifully styled technical wear whilst making the smallest environmental impact as they possibly can. They don't fly product parts half way around the world to have zips sewn on or panels cut just because it is cheaper. They source and produce locally. Their thoughts are to make products to last a lifetime; not a season.

I am working with Neil and Finisterre to give them a series of images and short films. Here is the first set (before my camera went ballistic and started flashing red lights and incomprehensible warnings at me.)