A Moment Either Side

Continuing on from the exploration of journeys, Mark examines solitude and how individuals look to periods of escape. With society becoming more technologically driven the current thought is that people need down time: time to reset internally from their own personal stresses – a moment of mindfulness. 

‘It's easy to stop noticing the world around us. It's also easy to lose touch with the way our bodies are feeling and to end up living 'in our heads' – caught up in our thoughts without stopping to notice how those thoughts are driving our emotions and behaviour.’ (Williams, 2017) 

‘It's about allowing ourselves to see the present moment clearly. When we do that, it can positively change the way we see ourselves and our lives.’ (ibid.)

‘Looking back at the subjects in ‘Journeys’ it could be argued that they were all grabbing a moment of solitude. Of course, the obvious perception of solitude is that of an empty space – devoid of noise and distraction – but what if some people prefer ‘escaping’ surrounded by crowds; by commotion; by engagement?’ (Leary, 2019)

Mark explores peoples choices by presenting ‘dual-images’ from every narrative.

This is an ongoing project that will conclude with a short film.