Brake - Thanks for checking

I was asked to shoot a cycle awareness campaign with the fantastic Ben & Milo from Leo Burnett London. It was a collab between Howies & Brake - the road safety charity - to try and make both cyclists and motorists more aware of cycling on busy roads. Here are a few of the campaign shots - 


Like any sport in a commercial world the sponsored athletes must show their logos and their face at every opportunity - be it in video parts or magazine coverage as well as competition wins. 'Hidden' is a nine shot series of no logos -

Rapha Mondial

First thing this morning I was greeted by my local postman handing me this beautiful package -

I've been sat this week trying to plan the subject for my next book and then this lovely source of inspiration arrived. That's now my day taken care off reading the great articles and observing the beautiful images and illustrations.

and my image that they chose to appear in such a beautiful publication -

Tea Picker

Heading along the south coast of Sri Lanka I stopped off at a tea plantation to see if I could add to my ongoing personal series of portraits. Here was the tea picker I found that I thought suited the series nicely -