Kellys 'School of Cornish'

So last month creative team Ben & Simon, of Isobel London, and I headed to Cornwall to shoot a series of ads for Kelly's of Cornwall. With a small production crew, Cornish locals cast for a true mix and with a subtle and understated voice over by Dawn French here are four finished films -

Summer swell

Here in the UK summer usually means small waves, light winds and warmish waters. Here's hoping to all of those for many months.


So I have an ongoing exhibition that will be touring agencies, galleries and creative spaces over the next year. Seven images and a three minute soundbite from the subjects.

Kelly's Cornish Ice-cream

So I've just finished shooting nineteen short films for Isobel London and Kelly's. Now it's off to the editing house to get the ad's finished.

Air & Style - Innsbruck

At the start of February I travelled to Innsbruck, Austria, to shoot the city based snowboard festival as part of a new book I'm working on - Elevation.